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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

IT Outsourcing, software outsourcing - Welcome to your outsourcing solution.

Are you looking to outsource jobs to india or any other world country? Do you LIVE in a 3rd world country and you are looking to outsource your services but dont know how to reach potential customers? This is the blog for you! Here we will teach any outsourcing company or individual how to get important clients or any business looking to outsource its IT or software development how to get the best outsourcers in the market.

For those looking to outsource any of the following services: HR outsourcing, IT outsourcing, human resource outsourcing, graphic design, web design, coding + programming, language translating or software development we've got 2 links for you.

These two links will take you to 2 different websites were you can outsource your services for FREE. If you are a freelancer looking for any of the jobs mentioned earlier, these are the websites for you.

Link 1
his a service that connects programmers with webmasters that need custom programming for their websites or software. Much like an auction, programming projects are posted and interested programmers bid on them. If you are good at Flash, ASP, PHP,C++, graphic or web design, database coding, data entry this is the site for you, because it centres more in software and programming outsourcing than in graphic design outsourcing. You dont have to pay a monthly fee, but you have to pay 5% of what you earn using there services. Excelent.

Link 2

Freelance project database with thousands of programmers and over 40 new projects posted every day. Main project categories: Programming, Web design, Web development, Script installation, Site promotion, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Data Processing.
Webmasters may find programmers, web developers, web designers, SEO experts, translators and other related professionals here. Professionals may earn cash with their high tech skills on hundreds of currently open bid requests.
No sign-up fee. No monthly fee. But you are required to give a 3% commission on each project you win a bid on (minimum $3).

The best of this site is that there are many different ways for you to get be paid: Paypal, Western Union, bank ire transfer, E-gold, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Start outsourcing your services and earning GOOD money!

Next post: advantages of outsourcing :)


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