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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Advantages of Outsourcing for Companies

So you are a company looking for outsourcing partners but you arent sure yet? Do you think outsourcing to India or any other country wouldnt but such a great idea? Well, you are wrong and these are the reasons why:

The Trend in Offshore Outsourcing
Companies are beginning to look to the emerging Internet Information Technology Services from Offshore Indian companies for help with everything from strategy development to interactive marketing to application development and integration.

1-The most enticing advantage of outsourcing is the cost effective factor. Human resource and IT services in the United States or Europe are not exactly inexpensive. Let’s avoid complicated business jargon and say that outsourcing is basically an option that offers these services at a much, much lower rate i.e., a cheap but highly productive mass work force. Let us take India as an exemplary illustration.

2-Thousands of highly intelligent people graduate in a variety of fields each year. Almost all of them speak English better than the English, and have dreams of making big money in a short period of time. The boom of BPO’s in the last 10 years has given them a chance to realize those dreams. It provides them with the opportunity to stay close to home and earn almost as much as they would if they took up a job abroad. On an average, an individual would earn $ 300 to $ 500 per month. A small sum to an American, but an Indian would be quite happy with that salary considering the conversion rate. It’s a win – win situation for your business as well as the company you’re outsourcing to.

3-There is no dearth of candidates willing to suffer incessant night shifts. Due to a constant effort of having to prove themselves, you can be assured of enhanced quality and productivity at all times. The company you outsource to will always be sure to reach your targets, deliver on time, ensure stringent security and maintain a level of productivity which won’t tempt you into taking your business elsewhere. Employees are regularly evaluated and terminated if found wanting in any aspect. The entire process of recruitment and the hassles involved with finding (and sustaining) the right person for the job is taken off your shoulders.

4-Tax benefits. By selecting the right BPO destination companies can save up on taxes in turn saving on costs.

5-Beat Competition. In today’s fast paced global economy a company needs to provide high-quality services to its customers in order to retain them, as well as provide the services for cheap prices. Outsourcing in this case can help the company maintain lower rates with better service solutions, thereby giving them a better market position or even a competitive advantage.

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